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Each shape of pasta has its own dye. The dough is conveyed by an endless screw, forced through the dye, and cut to the desired length. All common pasta shapes are made this way: spaghetti, elbows, penne rigate (furrowed tubes), spirals and many more.

  1. Mix durum-wheat semolinas and organic ancient-cereal flours, add water, and vacuum
  2. Compression screw
  3. An extrusion dye for each shape!
  4. Low-temperature pre-drying at 50°C
  5. Placement on frames and stacking
  6. Dedicated drying chamber at 45°C for 12-16 hours depending on shape
  7. Our organic pasta are then bagged!

Close-up of an extrusion dye

Cutting tools

Old-fashioned rolling

Traditional drying