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Our basil garlic ribbons were voted Best Organic and Ecological Product 2019 by Best Organic Products, and obtained a score of 16.93/20! 

The “Best Organic Product” competition

Each year, the competition and the award for the Best Organic Product takes place. To earn this distinction, each product in competition is tested by a minimum of 100 “super tester”. The products in the competition are meticulously judged according to different criteria (smell, texture, etc.).

This is a reward for excellence. It is intended for the most popular organic or ecological products. Its objective is to offer all consumers a real guarantee of quality, highlighting the very good products.

Our garlic basil ribbons

At Lazzaretti we ancestrally proceed to manufacture the excellent organic tagliatelle: we mix durum wheat semolina and water. Eggs, chopped basil, garlic, spices… Then all the know-how of Master Pastier is added. Determine the right amount of water according to the nature of the semolina, the ingredients added, the heat, the humidity of the place and the day…

Reach the “point of dough” before proceeding to the next step; the quality of the texture… Then this dough is rolled, it passes several times between two rolls, (like your kitchen roll!). This is when we cut “with a knife”, before drying, never at more than 45° and sometimes for 16 hours.

This precision, slowness and respect for the food make it possible to maintain a microbiology that transforms the dough, gives it life and nutritional interest. We are close to the fresh homemade dough.

Ingredients : Premium durum wheat semolina*, Fresh eggs* (12%), Basil* (9%), Garlic* (2%), spinach powder*

* Products from organic farming